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Realist Survival Guide in Case of Apocalypse One

Your first goal should be choosing a location. Your location should be a location that your presence will be easily concealed from roving bands of looters. It should also be located within easy distance of water, because we all know that running water will be a thing of the past. But you will also want to consider the distance to other supplies.

The Tea Party Movement – Valid Political Expression or Just Another Bunch of Nuts?

Begun in widely separated locations in 2009 in response to federal spending and a rising deficit, the Tea Party movement has spread across the country. Republicans have taken up the flag, but is this a valid expression of political will, or just another fringe movement that will fizzle out?

Floating Homes: Family Rescued After The Earthquake and The City?

Have you thought what is organic and functional, some not so nice? Russian architect Alexander Draw convinces us otherwise. His “ark” in the shape of snail shells are very elegant.
The remarkable building project worked Alexander Draw – or more accurately his studio Remistudio – for many years. The aim was to create a building that will be relatively inexpensive and quickly assemble. This is to serve people in areas affected by earthquakes or other disasters, including global warming (the “deniers”: the world ocean level rise).

This is The World’s Oldest Dog He

This dog had run over a car accident and broke up their organs.But he remained alive and even broke the record as the oldest dog in the world.

More than 26 years, which is now owned Pusuke Shigeo Nagai wtelah are in this world. Pusuke a hybrid mixture, breaking the Guinness World Record as the oldest living dog in the world.

Some Useless Information for You

These stories are true but useless, interesting & funny…maybe you can make some use out of it, I thought these were pretty funny.


A theif trying to break into a shop in Wellington, New Zealand, used a rock to try to break the window. He kept throwing the rock, but each time the glass didn’t break & the rock bounced back & hit the burglar in the head. After 3 tries & 3 bonks to the head, the theif & his accomplice – who had stood by watching his pal get hit – fled the scene. Police watched the whole thing on surveillance cameras that captured the failed break-in attempt. Detective Sergeant Mark Scott joked that he hoped the incedent knocked some sense into the pair.

Why Computer Programmers Often Have No Clue in Building Systems

Yes, many of them have incredible experiences in multiple industries, and they are incredibly intelligent. I can’t take that away from them, it’s the truth. No, not all of them, but there are a lot of sharp people out there who are computer programmers. Yes, we should listen to them and they often know what they’re talking about when it comes to their trade, but they aren’t going to fix the world with a computer program. In fact, I would submit to you that many of the computer programs that we use today have forced us into a limited and finite way of doing things, and often the wrong way. Over time it becomes more inefficient, and a computer program is forcing us to fill in the blanks, and submit information that is irrelevant to what we are trying to do.

Best Video Parodies of Blurred Lines

Everyone is obsessed with Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. It is among the hottest song this year hitting the Billboard Hot 100 for eleven weeks. The weird, funny, sexy, twerky and of course, controversial music video is a perfect target for parodies with flashing red typo hashtags. Check out the following top video parodies of Blurred Lines.

The womanizer, Bill Clinton is back in limelight in this parody spinning about womanizing. Although Clinton isn’t actually singing in this clip, it is still a creative mash-up of his speeches.

Forum Selling Advertising On-line

Want to form cash on-line however do not know how? it is simple if you recognize wherever to travel and what to try and do. It’s searching for wherever to travel and what to try and do that’s the important football player. many folks have spent unnumbered hours and greenbacks attempting to work out the way to use the planet wide internet, and even additional therefore, the way to build cash from it!

Benefits of a Multilingual Website

You are a entrepreneur and your have your web page in British. It does fairly well and your on the internet company goes fairly effectively. You are pleased with results, but you really want to grow your organization and increase it worldwide. Yet, your web page is still in British. Why? Why not to change it?
This article tries to describe advantages that multilingual sites have over traditional single terminology.

A Parody on a Bottle of Coke

I thought it was time to try again. A Parody of Life by Peter Baxter. Who will teach the world to sing in perfect harmony and hold it in their arms and keep it company? Who will stop all these ravages of time and show that loving everything is just and so sublime? Who will take natures hand and help it walk anew I am hoping that the answer won’t be only you. Are you living in harmony with everything you see and is there a place in your heart for little me? It’s the real thing, wearing harmonies ring, is the real thing.