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Humorous Things Children Say

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25th Jul 2013 - 0 comment
When my oldest son was age 5 he had been hearing his uncles coloring the air blue with some rather naughty words.   So he tried it out and thought... 

The Truth is Revealed

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8th Oct 2012 - 10 comments
Cheaters inspectors have gathered enough evidence during the investigation to confirm the case. Investigation started outside his fiance’s house.... 

10 Weird Ways Your Cell Phone Could Actually Kill You

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19th May 2012 - 18 comments
These are not 10 dangers of a cell phone, they are crazy but real ways in which your phone, your beloved cell phone could actually kill you: You text... 

Creating a Bucket List – Things to Do Before You Die

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11th May 2012 - 3 comments
If you have ever seen the film ” The Bucket List”, then you will know where this has come from. If not then basically the idea is simple –... 

Crazy Things to Do Before You Die!

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11th May 2012 - 6 comments
Do you ever go through those stages where you want to try and change the eventual outcome of your life? Of course that is death, but every now and then... 

Ancient Wisdom, Just Twisted a Little

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19th Apr 2012 - 13 comments
They say that a watched pot never boils. This is really not true, it just seems like forever while you are standing there with the pasta, waiting for... 

100 Things to Do Before You Die!

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27th Nov 2011 - 16 comments
    A boon of one life you get, years to live and then what you do while living this so called few days to live life. So, while living this... 

Star Wars Stormtroopers Out of Work!

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15th Nov 2011 - 0 comment
GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY: Drones of Stormtroopers turning to criminal activities and blatant panhandling has hit new heights. Without their tasers and... 

The top 3 hot celeb women you just wouldn’t date.

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8th Nov 2011 - 1 comment
Katie Price aka Jordon. may be nice to look at, but that it. If you like big boobs, and big pouty lips, Katie Price is your women, but would you really... 

This Winter Top 10 Colours

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6th Nov 2011 - 4 comments
Here are the 10 most-wanted colours that you should look for to paint your new warm outfits with the leading tones of fall 2011 rainbow. 1. Mustard: Luminous... 

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