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Daniel Tosh Apologizes on Twitter for Rape Joke Throughout Stand-up Routine

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26th Mar 2017 - 0 comment
Daniel Tosh is not sometimes one to keep faraway from controversial material throughout his stand-up routines, however one audience member felt the comedian... 

Recipe to Stay Happy!

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22nd Mar 2017 - 0 comment
How to be happy? A nice Recipe, easy as 1,2,3…! A sure way to have a happy life! And actually so easy set apart on one page! Some great advice, wow!... 

Five Hilarious Prank Calls to Make

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15th Mar 2017 - 0 comment
I love prank calls, but it seems every prank call there is has been done already!! Here’s some funny pranks to try… Five Hilarious Prank Calls to... 

Nice People: Four

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1st Mar 2017 - 0 comment
Nice people. After they had come up on the ledge and Kerr had shown what it was that look there, Tony foreslog him join up and look at indsjøen. Meanwhile,... 


Attitude Women Men Favored by

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27th Feb 2017 - 0 comment
Perfect Jewelry Beautiful Women in the World. This is one of our inventory to be a woman who is favored by the husband. Many men who lured the woman who... 

2Go Users World Wide to Die Mysteriously Today ‘Says Prophet T.b Joshua

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20th Feb 2017 - 0 comment
The famous mobile chat “2go” is about to lose its members and user to the pang of death. According to a prophesy by a well known prophet (T.B Joshua). 2go... 

Find Out Who Called Me in a Less Complicated Way

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19th Feb 2017 - 0 comment
Enough worrying about those anonymous and prank calls because you can absolutely locate the owner in no time. I know that at one point in time you have... 

Five Random Facts About The Human Body

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6th Feb 2017 - 0 comment
Five Random Facts About the Human Body. There are many things that we know about the human body such as hominy bones it has which is 206 and many other... 

Review :Dr Michael Beckwith Lessons in The Law of Attraction

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27th Jan 2017 - 0 comment
As you know everything is energy. Words are energy. So as you speak it, define it. That’s what you get. I was amused by Dr Michael Beckwith’s lessons... 

Justin Bieber is Dead – Breaking News RIP

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2nd Jan 2017 - 0 comment
Have you heard this before? Yes, I am sure you have been hearing news of Justin Bieber’s death since a long time and it has become a very popular trend... 
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