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Something Inky

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18th Dec 2013 - 0 comment
earing the news of maths practical, guyz of destruction where busy workng on their plans of pranks…the stylish,action-packed,six-packed,smart,wise,intelligent... 

The legendary saga unfolds in a series

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30th Sep 2013 - 0 comment
. This is a voyage unlike any other and that too in more ways than one obviously. This is one voyage that takes travellers through the deepest and most... 

Arts of The Internet: Jayuzumi Aka The Celeb Gamer

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1st Sep 2013 - 0 comment
Welcome to what I hope will be the first of many articles for a new series, Arts of the Internet. Here, we will be presenting various Internet personalities... 

Justin Peeber

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11th Jul 2013 - 0 comment
TMZ has obtained video footage of Justin Bieber taking the p*** by taking a p*** in a restaurant mop bucket.  As to why Justins friends started... 

Mercedes Pee Nuisance Finishes with Proprietor Dropping It

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15th Jun 2013 - 0 comment
A high end activities drivers who recreational areas in disability areas unlawfully already has an unjust feeling of right surrounding on deranged. Playing... 

Starwars Episode Seven

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11th Jun 2013 - 0 comment
it first starts with a space war simler to the one we new in starwars episode 3 revenge of the sith han sole and princas laia sola are now marired and... 

April Fool Pranks

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2nd Apr 2013 - 0 comment
April First on my calender  is like any other date for me,but this date  brings the worst pranks  from my children.That  is the day... 

Nude Beach Prank on Sister

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22nd Feb 2013 - 0 comment
Nude Beach Prank on Sister Last summer me and my sister and her two friends Amanda and Sarah went to a little beach like area in the back of my aunts house.... 

Phone Pranks

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15th Jan 2013 - 1 comment
Here’s some of the pranks that I have played and some that people played on me. When we got our new land-line phone, I used to call up a random number,... 

Prank Call Turns to Tragedy

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8th Dec 2012 - 0 comment
Picture above is Coat of Arms for the Duchess of Cambridge I read an article today about a prank call that had been made by two Australian shock jocks.... 

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