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Are You Afflicted with Text Neck?

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28th Mar 2017 - 0 comment
New malady afflicts the uber-texter. Texting has become as routine as breathing for many people.  And, like breathing-related ailments like asthma or... 

Honey, I Lost The Car! Tricks to Remembering Where You Parked Your Wheels

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25th Mar 2017 - 0 comment
Tips on finding your car in crowded parking lots. More than 95% of car journeys end with free parking in the United States but almost the same number... 

Sonic Boom and Eight Other Crazy Airplane Photos

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24th Mar 2017 - 0 comment
Many people simply think of airplanes as a way to get from point A to point B, but every day, these incredible parylene protected aircraft travel through... 

This Girl Apparently Not Human!

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24th Mar 2017 - 11 comments
AKB48 fans have made ​​surprised by the information in the form of certainty that Aimi Eguchi, newest and most perfect member of that group are certainly... 

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Lucidity Wavers

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23rd Mar 2017 - 3 comments
A Reportage From A Disintegrating Reality (part 4) For some time I had been at this exquisite party.  It resembled something like a red carpet event... 

A Photo of a Boy Biking Atop a Lake, How True?

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23rd Mar 2017 - 1 comment
A sixteen year old British boy, Matt Whitehurst bikes on top of waterfor charity. He wants to raise the awareness for flood victims in London’s Lake... 

Zombie Proof Homes and Natural Disaster Preparedness

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22nd Mar 2017 - 0 comment
Thinking about buying a zombie proof home? Don’t until you read this article, which gives zombie preparedness information crucial to your safety and... 

Ten Signs That You’re Feeling Old

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18th Mar 2017 - 0 comment
Here are ten humorous signs that you are feeling old. Are you losing your get up and go?  Are you more tired than usual?  Perhaps you are feeling older. ... 

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Comings Criminal Defense Attorney Riverside

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12th Mar 2017 - 0 comment
If you or a family member has been accused of a probation or parole violation in Riverside, California, please contact the Law Offices of Gregory H. Comings... 

The Most Amassing Fast-forward Video with a Swarm of Departing Aircraft From The Boston Airport

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11th Mar 2017 - 0 comment
Concert sensation Boston Logan International Airport. Give the show more than 50 aircraft during one of the most difficult maneuver: taking off. Chris... 
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