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Gaddafi Assassinated! CIA Gets The Job Done, Great Leader Has Gone!

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12th Apr 2011 - 6 comments
Gaddafi Assassinated! CIA Gets The Job Done, Great Leader Has Gone! After failed revolution, air strikes and war, CIA operatives managed to finish off... 

Texas BBQ

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11th Apr 2011 - 0 comment
Texas BBQ with a Big Red at Kreuz at Lockhart: Image via Wikipedia This summer when the average North American family is in the backyard with someone... 

Very Strange Facts!

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9th Apr 2011 - 0 comment
Country without children! Can you imagine that there is a country in this world without children? The answer..  Yes, the only country in the world... 

Who Killed Lapu-lapu?

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9th Apr 2011 - 20 comments
Lapu-lapu is a legend in the Philippines because of his gallant resistance against Ferdinand Magellan’s attempt to put his territory under Spanish... 

It is Illegal to Kill a Sasquatch

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9th Apr 2011 - 7 comments
Even though there is no real physical evidence that a Sasquatch or Big Foot even exists there are atcual laws against killing a it if you found one. Skamania... 

Get Moving

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8th Apr 2011 - 31 comments
Hey you, don’t be so lazy Don’t always sit and eat Time to get up will you You have enough sleep Be more lively Keep on moving Do some... 

Experience Siquijor – The Little Hogwarts in The Philippines

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5th Apr 2011 - 15 comments
Every time I introduce myself I come from Siquijor, I sometimes hear offensive or hilarious reactions and comments from the audience. No matter what people... 

Ten Most Unique Shower Curtains for Your Bath

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5th Apr 2011 - 5 comments
10. Blood n’ Water Such a strange and nonsensical shower curtain design. Who would have this as their shower curtain? Look at the carpet infront... 

Thinking Ink? A Word of Advice

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5th Apr 2011 - 0 comment
Everyone’s doing it! It’s more and more common to see body art on people everywhere. No longer is the stigma attached to tattoos that only... 

Know Ye These

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5th Apr 2011 - 8 comments
The Octopus has three hearts. A snail can sleep for three years. Einstein married his cousin who was related to him on both sides. The width of your arms...