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Christmas Wishes for Our Troops

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24th Dec 2010 - 5 comments
Cover of Peace on Earth (Holiday Greeting Cards)          Here we are,December24,2010.       ... 

The Superstitions That Made My Childhood Memorable and Beautiful

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24th Dec 2010 - 0 comment
When we are still kids superstitions seem somewhat attractive, for they leave us in fear, surprise and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, when we turn into adults... 

How are You?

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16th Dec 2010 - 16 comments
It’s been quite awhile since I had my last post. To be exact, it’s been 3 weeks… I am always online though. Aside from online blogging... 

Ok So!

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16th Dec 2010 - 0 comment
                      I know that I’m not bad looking…but must every time I hang... 

First Successful Soul Transplant

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16th Dec 2010 - 0 comment
The world’s first successful soul transplant was performed yesterday at the UC transplant center in San Francisco, by Dr. Les Apt. Dr. Apt explained... 

Love Relationships: Laughing Out Loud

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16th Dec 2010 - 21 comments
Conflicts and heartbreaks are a natural occurrence in love relationships.  Laugh them off and you’ll be fine. Boyfriend:  You seem distressed.... 

The Dog and The Flea

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14th Dec 2010 - 19 comments
There are debates regarding God existence. I’ve read in a book written by  a Filipino author that the issue of God’s existence can... 

What’s Your Decision?

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14th Dec 2010 - 17 comments
This test was given to us during a workshop which I attended some time ago.  I have forgotten what I have answered but I remember the question. It... 

Five Jokes on Men, Women, Sex, Weddings and Relationships

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14th Dec 2010 - 5 comments
My dad was reading these jokes below from a Turkish newspaper yesterday and they are just so universal that I couldn’t help but translate:  ·      ...