10 Amazing Facts You Did Not Know!

Yes, the following facts are funny and amazing and you will think “WTF?” a few times. I thought I’d share them to make you smile today.

Have fun!

  1. In 10th-century Burma, King Theinhko ate a farmer’s cucumbers without permission. The farmer killed the king and took the throne.
    -> If it was that easy today…
  2. The aorta of a blue whale is large enough for a human to crawl through.
    -> That is really huge!
  3. The country with the most feral camels is Australia.
    -> Logical, as they were brought on to the island / continent and then abandoned like dogs. But still surprising.
  4. An elephant’s trunk has up to 150,000 muscles.
    -> Now that is something I had never thought about before…
  5. Tattoos have been around for a long time. Ancient Greeks used them to brand spies, Romans used them to mark slaves, and Japanese used them as a signal that someone was available for marriage.-> I wonder how the Japanese marked someone after the marriage…
  6. Contrary to popular belief, most med school grads do not have to take the Hippocratic oath. But it’s probably best your doctor doesn’t believe in everything the oath entails, which includes swearing your skills on the god Apollo and promising never to share any of your medical knowledge with anyone (even patients).-> That really IS new!
  7. Seashell fossils have been found high in the Himalayan mountains, suggesting that the land was once underwater.-> Anyone who did not sleep during school (like me) will even know why :-)
  8. The average piano has about 230 strings, and each string averages about 165 pounds of tension, with the combined pull of all strings equaling over eighteen tons.-> Ok, that is much!
  9. Braces go all the way back to ancient Egypt. In fact, archaeologists have found several mummies with crude metal bands wrapped around their teeth.
    -> Ouch!
  10. The vibrator was invented by a physician to treat women who suffered from “hysteria.”-> No comment *lol*

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I hope you did like these facts. Check out the Amazing Fact Generator for more.


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