10 and More Things People Do When They are Bored

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18th Jul 2012


1) Write a list like this (do you really?)

2) Google boring, bored, boredom…and actually read some of those pages!

3) Read Boredom quotes(there’s one below!And so many more nice ones that I have just read…)

4) Start a blog(I have two: airwaterlight and )

5) Complain about all the things that are boring…

6) Complain about all the people that are boring…

7) Complain about life, so boring!

8) Take a  long walk around your housing block.

9) Wonder why houses look more and more like giant matchboxes?

10) Iron clothes(now this one is actually quite common amongst housewives).

11) Do the laundry.

12) Watch a boring TV program.

13) or just do nothing(this should be heading the list!).

What do you do when you are feeling bored? Read a book, listen to music…


  • Tiki33

    Maybe reading the bible will get rid of the boredom.

  • marqjonz

    Thanks for mentioning Chirmooli. I just subscribed though Google Reader.

  • pattiann

    Great ideas! When I get bored I go on my kindle and read the magazines I subscribe to. And the newspapers. Then hit the internet. For a girl who is almost homebound as i don’t like leaving the house much I don’t find myself bored too much.

  • sabanawaz

    yes these are true.

    I think Find a easy food recipe online and try to make it.or just sleep .

  • vickylass

    To be honest, I don’t know what boredom is like. But it’s good you bright in the issue. Good share!

  • KittyK

    I will read a book, magazine, cook, play the piano or clean my house if I am bored….not in that order :)

  • lauralu

    great share thanks

  • elee


  • cody weaver

    wow u are so right just so right umm yeaah we should get married will u marry me?? please i think i love u but seriously *i love you*