10 Best Failures!

  This article has the 10 best failures that i have seen on Internet. I’m a big fan of failblog and you might notice that almost all of the pictures has taken from there.

1. Double road name fail! (METH BIBLE CAMP = DEAD END)

2. Airport security fail! (Nice fence btw!)

3. Special offer fail! (Buy 3 for the price of 3!)

4. Laziness fail! (Theres always an option FFS!)

5. Choking safety fail! (Nom nom!)

6. Traffic light fail! (To go or not to go)

7. House design fail! (Perhaps they don’t have a car…?)

8. Handicapped bathroom fail! (How the hell are those handicapped people going to get there?)

9. Bus destination fail! (I have no idea where I’m going!)

10. Marketing fail! (I agree with this sign btw)

Most of pictures from:


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