10 Best Things to Write About

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30th Dec 2012

1. Music. I think if you can list genres of different kinds of music, you’re good to go! Who doesn’t love music? Honestly, just keep posting your thoughts of new songs, funny memories, and even your opinions are all great things that open up many different types of readers, etc.

2. Animals, especially CATS! I am not kidding, I don’t know what it is with people but holy macarol do people love posting and seeing and even reading about cats!! Other animals are great, but if you want followers and likes etc…GO TALK ABOUT CATS, even if you don’t even have any. Just saying that they played with a ball of yarn today makes majority of the people go awwwww…

3. Recipes/Food. People all over are always curious to find new ways to make the everyday foods that we eat. Go ahead, share you recipes with the world, you are bound to get many new followers then. Even if you perhaps don’t have your own recipe, that’s okay, because why not write about a difficult dish you tried to make and explain how you made it. People love that, you remember the great movie Julie and Julia, Julie blogged about how she made each dish from Julia Child’s Cookbook.

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4. Movies. This may seem hard but if you are one of those people who can constantly talk about things in the movies that perhaps other people do not see, go ahead and blog about that. Whether it was about reviews of a movie or interesting facts about it, people love that kind of stuff, so let your spirit fly you movie bloggers!!

5. Jokes!!!! Sorry for not mentioning this sooner, but I am mentioning it now. Jokes, funnies, anything that can make a person laugh is what people want to read. You could write about your day and make it funny or literally just list a whole bunch of your own jokes as if you were like a stand up comedian. Majority of people are dying for a laugh after going through endless amounts of blogs, so lighten up their day, make them laugh :)

6. Sentimental Stories. I don’t know what it is with people and sharing their stories and thousands of people liking it, but it works! I’m not talking about sharing your day, NO, these people go right into full depth of what they did and how they felt about situations that went on in their life. Yup, you have to be deep to get them followers.

7. News. Usually I want to destroy anyone who talks about the news, honestly one more report about the weather and….well I guess it’s better to say…I’ll just sit there in my chair going WHY!?

8. POLITICS. The reason why politics is all caps is because this is another one of my hated topics, yet people love this stuff…so go ahead, I won’t stop you, but politics seriously interests people. This is another topic where the deeper you are in facts and stories, the better your chances are of getting more followers.

9. Media and Celebrities. Yup, I’m sure you all saw that coming. There’s a reason why magazines sell and just because you don’t work for a magazine co. doesn’t mean you can’t blog about it. Knowing everything one celeb does is like a whole new world of fascinating to people, hey I won’t judge, but yet it’s another thing that interests people.

10. Write about how to get more followers. Do what I am doing, give advice to other people and help them :) If you have good new original advice, you will do great, so good luck guys and thank you for reading my little blog, keep sharing this guys!! :D