10 Bizarre Torture Devices

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10th Oct 2010





The Brazen Bull

The Brazen Bull was invented in ancient Greece. Criminals were put into the bull and a fire was set beneath them, the bull would get “red hot” and the person inside would slowly roast to death. What’s so messed up about that? Not only was the act itself but these done at feast. The victim’s screams were made to sound like an angry bull by special tubes and stops. Eat up!

Head Crusher

It sounds just like what it does. Let’s do a play by play for this little contraption. First, the teeth bite into the skull, then your eyes are forced out of their sockets by the pressure and finally, your brain squirts through the fragmented skull. The head crusher is still used for interrogation in some parts of the world (padded with soft materials of course :])

The Rack

I hope you weren’t thinking hot women…because you’re in for a surprise. If you found yourself on the rack for your heinous crime, you would quickly find out that not answering the questions would result in a lot of pain.

 Every time the torturer turned the handle, the ropes pulled the victims sets of limbs in opposite directions (arms one way, legs the other.)  The torturer would continue to turn until the joints of the victim were dislocated. Sometimes the torturers went too far and the limbs would be ripped from the body completely.

The Iron Maiden

 Although the maiden (from the looks of it maybe not) looks okay being in the iron maiden, real victims were not. Inside of the iron maiden is an array of sharp knives and swords. These would impale the eyes, chest, and back but purposely miss vital organs in order to ensure a slow painful death. Most would have a door underneath so the victim would be dropped into a rack of knives for “disposal.”

The Scavenger’s Daughter (or street sweepers)

The complete opposite of the rack, this device compressed the body instead of ripping it apart. The knees were forced up into the chest. Once the body was in this position muscle cramps would occur and blood would be forced through the nose and ears. 

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    I counted 5 but the description says 19??? How is one supposed to accomplish world domination… with 5??? haha joking now I know what to do with the people in my basement. Where can you find these :) )