10 Chinese Fortune Cookies From a Nerd

Nerds take a lot of abuse. A typical nerd is very smart. He or she may be socially clumsy and not the greatest athlete in the world. All nerds do not wear glasses. Here are some fortune cookie sayings from the mind of a nerd.

  1. Calculate each step that you take in life and you will not go wrong. Make sure you store your steps in memory.
  2. Computers are our friends. Protect them well. Never let them get sick from a virus.
  3. Bullies have no place in society and should be sent into outer space.
  4. Star Wars is the greatest movie of all time. Yoda is wise. Follow his advice and you too can become a Jedi.
  5. If you are going to trip over your feet, prepare for a soft landing. Elegance is in the way that you fall.
  6. The best date that you can have is with a nerd. Will someone please call me for a date?
  7. Clark Kent is to die for. Peter Parker is Mr. Cool. Jodie Foster is a Goddess.
  8. If you do not spend at least four hours a day on the internet, you are not normal.
  9. Who needs sports when you can have chess.
  10. White socks are very comfortable and they go with everything.

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Image via Wikipedia

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