10 Cute and Unusual, But Not Necessarily Cuddly, Animals

10. The Red-Lipped Batfish

Found near the Galápagos Islands, this strange-looking fish does not swim but walks on its fins! The red-lipped batfish uses its fins to travel over the bottom of the ocean. It also has a shiny appendix on its head to lure unsuspecting prey closer. It mainly attracts small animals such as shrimp and crabs to the lure and then feeds on them.

Scientist believe that the distinctive red-colored lips are for mating purposes, but no-one has been a hundred percent sure yet. The color of the lips stays red throughout the year and it does look as if this little fish found a cosmetic bag at the bottom of the ocean. The red-lipped batfish are related to the rosy-lipped batfish that are found near Cocos Island on the coast of Costa Rica. The red-lipped batfish has no known predators and they are not expected to become extinct any time soon.

9. The Thorn Bug

This beautiful, but weird, animal is closely related to cicadas. Scientists are still baffled by this animal and studies on the thorn bug are ongoing. With the use of its beak, the thorn bug pierces plant stems to feed on the sap inside. When thousands of thorn bugs infest a tree, they will cling to the branches and feed on the sap. Generally smaller trees will die after a major infestation of thorn bugs.

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The thorn bug is a pest and heavy infestations can cause major damages to plantations. In addition the honey-dew secretion caused by thorn bugs can create a problem for home owners and may cause damage to parked vehicles. Cuts on feet made by the body of a thorn bug are slow to heal and easy to become infected. The thorn bug is found in Central and South America, Mexico, and Southern Florida. The female lays her eggs in the tender bark of trees, eggs hatch twenty days later and a colony can number as many as fifty individuals.

8. The Peacock Mantis Shrimp

Meet the disco king of the sea! This unique shrimp has very vivid colors, and you can expect a heavy punch if you should decide to tease it. With its front claws, this mantis shrimp can deliver a punch that is as powerful as a shot from a gun. The peacock mantis shrimp has been known to punch through aquarium glass and it is not suitable for normal aquariums. The peacock mantis shrimp uses its powerful punch to knock-out or kill its prey. It is the true Rocky Balboa of the ocean!

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