10 Cute Pictures of Odd Couples That Will Make You Smile!

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21st Nov 2010

Animal World: Odd couples

Tigre: You look awfully pale… I told you, sun bathing is good for our skin. 

Albino: Sorry pal. I’m just preoccupied with my online writing job. Have you  read my newly published article about “Hybrid Animals”?

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Gee: Buster, I think Roger Rabbit has found a new friend.

Buster: I guess…it’s the in-thing nowadays. Look at Kitty, she too has finally met her “dream guy”.

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Roger Rabbit: Skinny, have you heard what those two bastards are saying.

Skinny: Don’t mind them… they’re just young and restless.

Big Foot: Careful Raphael. watch your step, the log is a little bit greasy.

Raphael: Okay and thanks. But please, stop calling me Raphael… I’m Leonardo..

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Curly: Hey young ones, Get lost! If ever I lay my paws on you, your parents will have a hard time recognizing your faces.

Whitey: Cool down Papa… they’re just some  silly kids.

Bird: Help!…help!… Will somebody stop what this punk is doing to my poor brother. Goliath, you are committing a big crime, killing an endangered species.

Goliath: Yell on top of your voice.. you bug. no one will ever hear you. And what is this “crime against endangered species”? Just the other day, I saw thousands of your kind hovering my island.

Colored One: We really are odd siblings, we have the same parents, but we aren’t that much similar.

Other One: Your mama fed you with lies. We only share the same mom; but not the same dad.

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Goldie: Am I losing my mind, or am I looking at a weird mirror?

Rocky: Ha..ha..ha.. this is how you will look… 5 months from now…

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Batman: Hey Robin, watch over the water, Penguin always spring some surprises.

Robin: Okay, partner..all is clear.. Penguin is cooling his head in the icy-cold water of the Arctic Ocean.

Cat: Congrats, Wolverine…we set a new Guinness World Record  for the Most Friendliest Odd Couple.

Wolverine: Shut up! I was paid by some lousy people 1000 bucks to do that promotional gimmick.

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