10 Cute Pictures of Odd Couples That Will Make Your Day!

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12th Oct 2010

Animal World: Odd couples

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Monkey: To fly or not to fly, that is the question?

Dovey: Still undecided … then go face the tiger, Shakesphare!

Butterfly: Care to share some nectar?

Bee: Go on, feel at home.

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Kathie: 2 is a pair; 3 is a crowd; hmmp.. What’s next?

Doug: 4 is awesome.. ha.ha.ha.

Duck: See, I told you. I can beat you in a race, any day of the week.

Turtle: shut up! you one-legged ugly duckling!

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Kitty: 98 dogs, 99 dogs, 100 dogs … ah! better shift back to the old reliable method.. 97 sheeps, 98 sheeps…

Dog: I told you, always stick with the proven formula!

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Ostrich: I’m afraid we can’t make it to the other side?

Giraffee: Oh, you animal with little faith. Just let your neck above water… and we can do the  impossible.

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Hamster:do you to think your family will accept me for who I am.

Creamy: With your expressive red eyes, I think they will.

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Rooster: Hey pal, just wondering, who do you think will go next to the dressing room?

Goatee: Ok, I’ll give you a clue. Next week is the annual Chicken Festival…

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Spiny: Alas! there’s someone whose not afraid to play with me.

Yellow: You may look weird, but I guess you’re harmless.

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Porky: sorry..I thought, you’re a cotton candy.

Roger: Sorry too, I thought you’re a Lechon de leche

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  • pearl2010

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