10 Fortune Cookie Sayings From The Lion King

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1st Oct 2009

Fortune cookie sayings can come from a variety of sources. Today, we are going to hear pearls of wisdom from none other than The Lion King.

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  1. It is wise to never ignore the roar of an upset mate.
  2. Quit lying around and get to work.
  3. Vegetables may look good to eat, but when it comes to meat it can’t be beat.
  4. When you are tired, go chill out and take a long nap.
  5. You can swing from branch to branch but eventually you’re going to land on your butt.
  6. A massage feels good but scratching is better.
  7. Don’t prowl around unless you’re looking for trouble.
  8. Make sure you give your sweetheart a good lick tonight. She’ll really appreciate it.
  9. You need to pause for the moment and relax.
  10. You are the master of your domain until your wife comes home.

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