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10 Funny and Easy Pranks to Pull on Your Friends

Published by wolfman1998 in Humor
September 16th, 2012

If you’re looking for extremely simple and funny pranks, look no further.

10-Put saran wrap on the toilet-Wrap the top of the toilet bowl with saran wrap so when your friend goes to the bathroom, they get a surprise

9-Toilet Bomb-Put baking soda in the toilet bowl (with water in it), and open the top of the toilet compartment and put vinegar. When your friend flushes, the toilet will overflow

8-Butter the Floor-Just rub butter on any part of wood or tile floor (or anything but carpet or shag). Make it as slippery as possible. When your friend walks on the floor, they will slip and fall.

7-Put Scotch Tape on a Doorway-Put scotch tape, (or any other clear tape), and tape it across the doorway. You want to put it about the height of the victims head. Make a commotion so the run through the doorway.

6-Rubber band the Sink Sprayer-Put a rubber band, or tape, around the sprayer on your sink. When your friend turns of the sink they will be sprayed with water.

5-Shave Your Friend While They Sleep-When your friend is sleeping, just buzz off some of their hair. Easy enough.

4-Make Your Friend Cream Them self-Put whipped cream, shaving cream, or almost any other cream, in your friends hand while they sleep. Tickle their nose with a feather or something like a feather so they itch their nose.

3-Replace Your Friends toothpaste with sunblock-Just open their toothpaste, and empty it. Put what ever you want to in it. (whipped cream, shaving cream, sunblock, meat, or anything else)

2-Make Your Friend Fall-Just loosen a few bolts on your friends favorite chair. He will be in for a surprise

1-Make a Fake Bed-Just build a frame that has four sides, but is empty. Put blankets on top so it looks like a bed. When your friend your friend goes to bed, they will fall through

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