10 Funny Responses by Girls When They are Not Interested in You

1. She will playfully calls you her brother.

2. She will talks about other guys with you.

3. She will makes up stories which are excuses to avoid going out with you.

4. Whenever you call her asking for a date, she would ask: ‘Who else is going?’.

5. When you asked her out for her movie, she would tell you that she don’t watch movies.

6. She will always take a very long time to reply your SMS or MSN messages. Sometimes, in worse senarios, she don’t even reply.

7. She will be uncomfortable or even agitated when you give a slightest light touch on her.She basically does not want to have any physical contact with you.

8. When you succeed to date her out, she will be looking at her mobile phone 90% of the time when you were together.

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9. When you just logged on to MSN, you will find her status changed to ‘busy’ or ‘away’ almost immediately.

10. She will NEVER initiate to send you SMS or MSN messages.

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