10 Funny Things to Do in an Elevator

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7th Nov 2010

1) With only one other person in that elevator, tap him on his shoulder & then pretend that it wasn’t you.

2) Push that button and then pretend that it gives you a shock. Then Smile, &  go back to do that again.

3) ask others if you can push that button for them, but push the wrong button.

4)  Drop your pen and wait for someone to pick it up for you, and then scream, Hey! That’s mine!”

5) Stare at any of the passenger for a while, and then announce in horror, & quote “You are one of them!”  & back away slowly.

6) Draw a square in the corner of the lift and then say to others “this is my personal place”.

7) Crack open your case or purse, and while looking inside, ask, & quote “Got enough of air in there?”

8) Make a loud noise like an explosion when someone presses a button.

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9) Pretend presence of flies & you swat at them even if they don’t exist.

10) Moving your personal desk into that elevator & whenever someone gets on, ask him if he has an appointment.

  • cfagent0

    Haha. Very funny!

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    Haha funny stuff. keep writing

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    hahahah – I LOVE it!! =)



    -Joie Schmidt.

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    funny as hell…