10 Future Happy-waking-up Alarm Clocks

     When you set aside morning walks with the best sights and music of nature just because it was early morning, you always wished you could rise early. But it was impossible because you missed your mom or she was annoyed about it all. Now never get late with these friendly clocks.


With the fountain hole directed to locations ranging from your most possible positions to the least, you could get the alarm splash at the right place with three 5 seconds snoozes. Now don’t disturb those sleeping with you!


This one is going to be at your feet. It has its own stand. Adjust the height and sleep away! When it’s time, feathers stick out of the rotating top, increasing its length every 5 seconds to reach and tickle your feet. You can also set the giggling sound effect as alarm tone or do it yourself! The giggling and tickling won’t stop unless you wake and reach up to it to turn it off. Fun, huh?


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“Its time, baby. Wake up.” – 5 seconds later – “Come on darling, wake up” – 5 seconds later – “Wake up, sweetheart. Don’t get on my nerves” – 10 seconds later – “WAKE UP! Or I’ll pull you off your bed” – Let’s wait and see… – 10 seconds and she does just that! The rope from the clock tied to your calf the previous night winds in. She’s strong enough. But if you’re too heavy…try Daddy’s calling.


5 church bells at a moment – 5 seconds – 10 church bells consecutively – 15 seconds – 3 roaring “Wake up(s)” – 20 seconds more and you don’t have your blanket nor your pillow! Two ropes, one on one corner of each, wind in like Mommy’s Calling.


Sounds Arabic? Nah, its just the whole jungle on the mission to wake you up! This contains some 30-50 animal sounds, out of which you can select for the 3 snoozes. You are provided with a small keyboard of just the 26 letters to type in what it needs or  else the animal keeps moaning. This set comes with a leaflet which provides what exactly each animal needs (by heart the three you set the alarm for!)


This Inspector keeps yelling, “What’s the time?” until you have looked hard and told him the exact time. The clock senses the right vibrations and shuts up until the next snooze. He keeps asking every minute and will stop only if you type in the Quote of the Day that appears on the Inspector’s signboard. The clock contains nearly a hundred quotes that keep changing each day (Inspector’s choice!)


Wake up, use the three keys you have open the three treasure chests, finding each as you open. In the third chest is the treasure: the off switch! You can’t easily guess the keys because these are like your real locks and keys. To set the alarm again, lock them all up again.


The clock has one or more trumpeting angels that show you the prayer they want you to say. To switch the alarm off. just press the “Said it” button (after you’ve said it!). Surely, you don’t want to insult your own God.


Hanging from the ceiling, adjusted above your feet, this alarm rings and drops what you’ve kept in for freezing. You wake up, put it back in and it stops. Simple!


Sports lover? This one serves you right! When the alarm rings, the ball gets deflated. Inflate it back completely to set it off. This comes with a ball pump.

Many more may be there as you imagine. But the worst part, for the time being, these don’t exist! As the heading reads, these are 10 of the FUTURE HAPPY-WAKING-UP alarm clocks. Now to get to work and invent them if you really want it! 

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