10 Great Ways to Waste Time

Here are some fine ways to waste time:

1. Laugh at this article, you know you want to.
2. Share this article with a friend.
3. Stumble this article in StumbleUpon… and place it on Digg and Reddit to.
4. Read this article out loud to the world.
5. Spread it on Yahoo! Buzz!
6. Continue to read the rest of this article.
7. Put the content of this article into action.
8. Leave a comment on this article.
9. Click the I Like button.
10. Tell a friend to do steps 1 to 9 in this article.

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Congratulations, you have sucessfully wasted your time. Please do the above with other article by the same author and thank you for letting me waste your time.

Diagram instructions:   Company = Author      Consumer = Reader

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