10 Horrible Pick-up Lines

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9th Feb 2011

Author does believe it would be better if it is renamed NUT breakers by the male population.



Y Chromosomes:  You look familiar, have we met before?

X Chromosomes:  Hmm, was that you fleeing from the cops for an attempted robbery?


Y Chromosomes:  Can I borrow your pen?

X Chromosomes:  Sorry, I don’t know how to write.


Y Chromosomes:  You know, I would like to know you better.

X Chromosomes:  Unfortunately, that only make one of us.


Y Chromosomes:  I would like to take you to somewhere special.

X Chromosomes:  I never believe you and special could be used in one sentence.

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Y Chromosomes:  Where have you been all my life?

X Chromosomes:  Trying to evade you.


Y Chromosomes:  I know how to please a woman.

X Chromosomes:  Then could you PLEASE drop dead?


Y Chromosomes:  Hey cutie, how ’bout you and I hitting the hot spots?

X Chromosomes:  How about me hitting you and you spotting an ambulance after?


Y Chromosomes:  Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

X Chromosomes:  I did not really fall, you just got demoted.  How is the weather down-under by the way?


Y Chromosomes:  I bet you are tired, you have been running on my mind last night.

X Chromosomes:  Was that your mind? I thought it was an unused broom closet.


Y Chromosomes:  The moment I laid eyes on you, I could barely breathe.

X Chromosomes:  Why don’t you contact some ACLS providers. They give great lectures on basic life support.  Failing  that they could always intubate you.

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