10 Horror Anthology Films

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23rd Mar 2012

By Joseph Arp Rodgers

A few months ago a read an unbelievable article in Fangoria talking about Amicus Productions anthology horror films. After reading the article I too caught the anthology bug, and now it is one of my favorite forms of scary movie.

One of the primary advantages of filming an anthology is that it can be filmed over a period of time, with different actors, and it can be done on a budget. Something that makes me wonder why many of these low to no budget horror movies coming out these days aren’t anthologies.

As a viewer watching anthology horror movies can be very satisfying because you know that if you don’t like one of the stories there is another heading to your retinas in just a few minutes. 

The following list is presented in order of release date.

1) Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors (1965)– With a title like that how in God’s name can you go wrong? This is a cheesy movie for sure, but I’m sure it was terrifying by the standards of the time.
The funny thing is that Dr. Terror isn’t in a house, he’s on a train, and he is performing Tarot readings for the various passenger’s. Each Tarot reading is one of the stories, and all of them end with the Death card.  

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The movie ends on a high note with Peter Cushing in skull face, how can you not love that? Oh and by the way, Christopher Lee is in this movie. Great film, might not be for everyone, but it definitely has an audience.

2) The House that Dripped Blood (1971)–  Written by Robert Bloch of Psycho fame, and also starring Lee and Cushing the House that Dripped Blood is a fun movie. The first three segments are pretty serious affairs and actually contain some good suspense.
The story about the wax figure is subtly fetishistic, and has a good fight scene in it. The final segment is a hilarious cheese ball about an actor who finds a cloak that makes him a vampire.
The frame story for this movie is certainly not as good as the awesome frame story in Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors, this movie however actually does revolve around a house.