10 Keys to Win His Heart


Within certain limits, depending on the attitude of a spoiled and can indeed be a relationship seasonings. However, where men are not disturbed when you are always terrorized every time you hit a trivial problem though? Or always whining everywhere, as if he is a “personal driver”? Independent attitude actually show him that you’re a valuable partner and dependable life.


You are confused why stingy lover of words affectionate indulgence? That’s because he’s more appreciative of the expression of love in the form of attention than the phrase “I love you”. Of course he also hope you do the same. Not that you bombard him with calls and SMS to ask’ve eaten or not, you know! Attention can be expressed by way of buying a new wallet when the wallet was his favorite torn here and there.


In the book The Female Brain, Michael Gurian writes that the man was crazy about a woman’s feminine side. Gurian is feminine instead you have to pretend kemayu and wear skirts every day. However, reducing the aggressive and domineering attitude that diartikannya as masculine character. According to Gurian, more aggressive and dominant woman, then the greater the chances to “drown” interest men.

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Kids love

Not easy to win the hearts of the children, unless you have a sincere spirit and cheerful disposition. Do not suspect was that the man who likes to see women with children will soon drag you into marriage. They are simply fulfilling his desire to (again) to see the feminine side of a woman. Watching a guy who was chatting with her baby certainly can also make your comments, “So cute!” is not it?


Day Look, loyalty may already be categorized as a rare and very high value. Not only those who are married, while still a male courtship was expecting a couple who just open your heart to him. And, one reason men are reluctant to leave your partner because of his loyalty.


The man is a creature “achievers” and needed a companion who is capable of supporting any soccer terjangnya. Women are too often trapped in a melancholy mood tend to be pessimistic and certainly not capable of being a “sparring partner” for him.


Have the confidence to make a woman able to respect himself and others. Typically, someone who is confident tends sociable and able to make people comfortable around him, including the spouse. Not only that, high confidence will also be reflected in the appearance and the way you behave in front of him.


People with easygoing character was always able to see the world as a beautiful place. He does not like to exaggerate the problem, and even tried to simplify the big problem at hand. If all women have the easygoing character, no longer a story of a man who complained of itching ears hear the nagging spouse.

Sense of humor

Based on a survey done, Professor John Czepiel of New York University Stern School of Business claim that the sense of humor is one of the most important factors that determine the success of a relationship. Many experts even connect a sense of humor with intelligence. Hence, a man very comfortable in addition to women who have a sense of humor.

Do not Hesitate

OK, periods of courtship is the perfect time to “sell themselves” in front of the couple. But, that does not mean you have to jaim and instead act to be someone else. For example, if you are fond of eating, not quasi-quasi-ordering a salad every time I went out with him. Occasionally appeared without make-up can also give him a chance to see yourself as you are. Men will appreciate a woman who is not ashamed to be himself

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