10 More Facebook Failures

10 more facebook failures

Hello, it’s been a while (2-3 days or something). I have decided  to bring up the courage and continue my journey through failure. Facebook failure. Anyway, i didn’t get a lot of views on my last post, i bet this one will get even less attention, but what the hell, let’s check out the next 10 funny facebook failures!

Also if you haven’t yet, check out my first facebook failure compilation.

It just feels so good…

Dirty minds :)

Some people just can’t get their head out of the fridge.

Everything is going well.. For someone.

New Jersey fail.

“Pink Vacuum” …

Have faith in God and all your problems shall disappear! Oh and God has a facebook account :D

ER fail.

This. Just. Won. The. Internet.

Floppy dick fail :D

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This concludes our second journey, please, please, please comment if you want me to keep doing stuff like this. I can also try writing normal boring sciency articles, but i like this more, since it’s quite fun. Please write you opinion below ;)

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