10 Most Raunchy Place to Fart


This article is by know means a list of the best or funniest places to fart; it’s a list of the most raunchy places to fart. So if you’re curious which places will have the smelliest effect, keep on reading. If you’d like to avoid stinky situations, you should keep reading, but avoid attempting any of these.

In The Shower

If you’ve ever farted in the shower, you’ve smelt it. I have no idea what causes it, but there’s something about a shower that amplifies the smell of your flatulence. If you’re in the shower with someone else, avoid passing gas.

In A Tent

This makes sense, as you’re stuck in small “room” and probably have the door(s) and windows zipped closed. If you’re camping with others in your tent, this is a cruel (but effective) place to cut the cheese. 

Under The Blankets

You’ve probably heard the words “Dutch Oven” and you’ve probably experienced it too. Just like with a tent, the fabric locks in the smell. If you’ve got a victim under the blankets with you, you know what to do!

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In The Car

Nothing beats the classic fart in a car, especially when that car isn’t your own! The best season for this is winter, as no one wants to roll the windows down in winter. 

On A Plane

If you haven’t had the chance to fly on a plane, let me fill you in with an important fact: unlike cars, the windows don’t open. Planes are usually pretty packed, so you can usually get a lot of victims.

In A Public Washroom

Nothing beats farting while on a toilet in a public washroom. Sure, it probably already reeks in there, but the sound amplification caused by the toilet is hilarious. 

In A Restaurant

No one wants to smell someone else’s innards, especially while eating. The fact that people are eating is enough to make it 10 times raunchier for them.

At The Theatre

It’s hard to pay attention to a movie when someone let’s one loose in the theatre. For best results, be sure to sit in the middle. It’s a bonus if it’s a loud fart, they make people aware that the smell is imminent. 

At The Doctor’s/Dentist’s

They’re stuck there doing their job and have to stand in your fart until they finish or it goes away. It’s a cruel thing to do, but it’s worth some laughs.

In An Elevator

The classic elevator farts could not be left out. Nothing beats being stuck in a small place and having to wait until the doors open to leave. 

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  • i like farting in a packed aisle in a store or shop. I do this when the other rude shoppers intentionally don’t move their fat asses out of the way. I’ll fart and go to the next aisle. I come back 30 seconds later and most of the fat asses are gone.

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