10 of the Dumbest Warning Labels

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25th Oct 2008

These warning labels appear on everything from electronics to medications and are suppose to serve as an indicator as to how to use the product correctly. These warning labels are some of the most idiotic ones I have ever seen. Either people’s intelligence levels are plummeting or the manufacturers are clueless.

WARNING: Do Not Iron on Lottery Ticket

Come on what person in their right mind would even consider using an iron on a lottery ticket? If you ask me a person this challenged has only earned one ticket to the insane asylum. Ha, Ha, Ha!

WARNING: Not for Personal Hygiene

Looks like your bathroom isn’t the only squeaky clean place in the house! Can’t you determine what the purpose of this brush is for even without reading the warning? It’s pathetic that this is even on the warning label.

WARNING: Do Not Hold Wrong End of Chainsaw

Well there goes one hand! But, hey aren’t you glad you were born with 2? That other hand would come in handy in the event that a giant chainsaw chopped the other one off.

WARNING: Do Not Put Person in Washing Machine

Wow, this washing machine is truly special because you can do your laundry and take a bath at the same time. If you get bored you can always watch your cloths going around in a circle. How dumb are people?

WARNING: Do Not Eat iPod Shuffle

Now where did I put my iPod Shuffle? Oh, wait I think it was my lunch today so I know its safe and sound in my stomach. Seriously, I could not believe this warning label. A person who would eat an electronic device could not even be described in words.

WARNING: If You Cannot Understand Directions, Do Not Use

I have just one question. If you cannot read this label how will you be able to understand not to use this product?

WARNING: Do Not Use a Lit Match to Check Fuel Level

What retard would use a lit match to check the fuel level? If you are that much of an idiot in the first place how in the world did you obtain a driver’s license?

WARNING: No Bad Language While Talking on Mobile Phone

This is just hilarious. What kind of warning is this exactly? I’m not a fan of foul language but come one are they for real?

WARNING: Use Care when Operating a Car or Dangerous Machinery (medication for dogs)

I don’t know very many dogs that have the ability to drive but if I did maybe we could carpool to and from work to save on gas.

WARNING: Stupidity

This is not a warning label but is still is an instructional label printed on clothing.

You be the judge of this.

  • eddiego65

    Truly dumb labels. But admit it or not, some people can be really dumb as well. A fun read! Thanks.

  • Alecto

    The thing is that somebody had to do all that and that’s why they had to put the warning labels on there. Protect themselves from idiot lawsuits.

  • RJ Chamberlain

    Why the hell would you try to eat an iPod shuffle? Crazy. Awesome article.

  • thestickman

    I knew someone that thought it would be fun to ride in a commercial clothes dryer… and his friends were idiots also so they were laughing so hard at ‘guy’ in the dryer spinning and apparently not opening door because he LIKED the ride, when in fact he was being pressed against the outer part of the rotating drum…

    The heat from the dryer melted his polyester shirt to his chest… glued it pretty well onto his body hair… most of which had to be ‘waxed off’ then the shirt was stripped from his body.

    “Ironing lottery tickets” is a fairly common problem; they are heat sensitive and often, if left on shirt pocket and laundered, people attempt to make them whole and flat again by ironing, which causes the inks to ‘blot’, voiding the ticket. The same thing exists in automobile registration stickers on our car; if you attempted to use a hairdryer or propane torch to gently heat the ticket and cause the registration sticker to ’slide off’ to transfer to another vehicle, the word “VOID” emblassens itself across the ticket… it prevents un-registered cars from receiving stolen/illegally transferred stamp/stickers…

    Other comments on the other items listed, but enough from me! ;-) Kewl article!


  • tilted

    That lable blows me away and I had a dog that could drive.(me crazy)
    O ya and that chain saw 1 is needed I’ve seen some very unwise people try 2 us 1

  • mike oxbig

    I actually only have 1 arm and work with chainsaws

  • djkrugger

    My first and last visit Bye Bye!