10 Random Facts

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4th May 2012

It is time for another set of random facts. So if you bored grab a chair set back and then get your phone so you can tell people about the useless random facts that you just read about online. Even though they might be useless facts they still are interesting so here is your list of 10 random facts:

• Have you ever wanted to be on tv but did not know how to get on? Well next time you walking down the road try asking someone, you might just get lucky because 1 in every 4 americans have been on television.

• When we go to bed we often dream at times but the average person dreams 1,460 times per years. Now that’s a lot of dreaming.

• In the US the average age of a female to get married is 21 and the average age for a male to get married is 23.

• In the US they once issued a 5 dollar bill.
• Coca cola is a probably the most famous brand of cola in the world, but did you also know that coca cola is the second most understood English word the first being ok.

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• Have you ever notice that a quarter has a lot of grooves on its edges? Well its 119 grooves to be exact.

• A dime has 118 groove on its edge just one less than on a quarter.

• Every time you lick a stamp you are consuming 10 percent of a calorie.

• The number one reason why people are late for work is traffic

• Here is one fact that most people find cool, you actually drive in what we call a parkway and you par in what we call a driveway. Makes you think that this should have been labeled the other way around when you think of it.