10 Super Snaps to Make You Smile

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6th Apr 2010
  1. Breakfast at Greasy Joes

  2. Audrey, what on earth do you think you’re doing? This photo was taken recently when Madam Tussauds unveiled their new waxwork of Ms Hepburn and I must say I was originally taken in by it, even though there is a little bit of Sandra Bullock creeping in there! The look on the builder’s face is a picture – literally!

  3. Watch Out for the Snork!

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  4. Some urban art is so hidden away that no one will see it, but someone managed to discover this little gem! It is a shame that they were (possibly!) arrested before they managed to do all three as this picture would then have gone from excellent to priceless!

  5. Room For Two

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    Just when you fancied a nice cup of tea these two little guys wandered in and made themselves at home! What is amazing about this picture is that the two ducklings seem completely unperturbed by their new home – in fact they seem the epitome of calm and composure!

  7. Find the Egg

  8. Someone has far, far too much time and energy on their hands, so it is suspected that this picture was probably composed by a student. It takes a certain kind of imagination to come up with a picture like this – but at least to the innocent among us it will mean nothing. Until several years later when they suddenly exclaim: “Ooooh! I get it!”

  9. Holy Shocking Cinema Signs, Batman!

  10. Did the person who put up the sign realize that they were corrupting the youth of a nation when this was done? It does remind me of a fairly poor joke, though. In the pirate dictionary, what word takes up the most space? Why, “R” of course! Think about it, think about it…. There!

  11. Michael Jackson in Age Revelation Shocker

  12. This one was irresistible and is incontrovertible proof that Mr Jackson is a lot older than he looks. Several millennia in fact. It’s amazing how the ancient Egyptian sculptor managed to get the right combination of insane bewilderment and feminine placidity in the expression. A real thriller of a picture.

  13. Help Us! We are in Eggstreme Danger!

  14. Another student with too much time? Who can say but a lot of time and effort went in to the composition of this picture. My personal favorite is the poor little guy on the right on the top row. For an egg so far away from the frying pan he seems to be over reacting somewhat, don’t you think?

  15. Bullied? Me? No, I just felt like sitting here.

  16. Why oh why do dogs allow cats to get away with this sort of thing? Is there some sort of secret pact between them or is it just that cats are horrible, selfish creatures with no thought for anyone or anything other than themselves? The latter, I think!

  17. That Must Hurt

  18. “If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs” is certainly not the caption that this photo should have. Mind you the guy standing in the middle is certainly in trouble, at least one specific part of his body is!

  19. No, Get Off! It’s Mine!

  20. All you want is a few minutes privacy for a little contemplative thought and a quick snack and your friends come around and demand part of your little treat. What to do? Grin and bear it, perhaps? I hope this little guy scurried off and found himself somewhere to enjoy his nut in peace and quiet!

  • Anne Lyken-Garner

    I love these. My best one is, ‘Pirates knocked up Shrek’. It must have taken a fleet of them for that job!

  • Daniel Canfield

    The eggs picture and the “Pirates Knocked Up Shrek” were the best!

  • Unofre Pili

    Thanks for the good laugh.

  • India

    This is a hilarious article!

  • MariaElle

    The egg and spoon picture was hilarious! Good work!

  • Lost in Arizona

    That Must Hurt is my favorite. But then again, my poor hubsband has been kicked in the twig in berries so many times when he carried the girls in the bjorn, that every time I see this kind of humor, I just can’t stop laughing hysterically..

  • Loz

    descriptions unnecessary

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  • B Nelson

    LOL, where did you find these? they are great!

  • TheMyth

    hey don’t kill my egss… lolz

  • kramersmama

    Thanks for this escape. I smiled all the way through!

  • danny

    i didnt laugh once!

  • Liane Schmidt

    So cute! Nice article!

    Best wishes.


    -Liane Schmidt.

  • Unofre Pili

    Thank You for the humor Robert.

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    i like “Find the Egg”. Very good…