10 Television Shows That We Would Like to See

Published by in Humor
24th Jan 2008

1. Villains

Let’s face it. Villains are just plain more fun to watch than heroes.

2. Lost and Found

Hidden treasures are found in this new reality show. Who accidentally misplaced a diamond ring?

3. 24 Minutes

Watch each excruciating minute of this intense drama as detective Ralph Bowers saves the world from the nefarious Black Sheep.

4. The Dentist

Fun filled sitcom about an egotistical dentist and his flamboyant patients. This is a real jawbreaker.

5. Boston Illegal

Corporate executives that are in legal hot water employ the most corrupt and crooked lawyers to save their hide in this hour-long drama.

6. Hidden Agenda

Everyone in this reality series has a hidden agenda. Can you figure out the identity of the Mad Chief and what he is planning to cook for his unsuspecting guests?

7. Hollywood Dirt Bags

Dishonest agents take the money and run from their clueless clients.

8. Mission Ridiculous

A rag tag team of special agents must stop bumbling crooks and clownish spies from causing harm to our country.

9. Doctors in Love

Follow the exploits of love hungry physicians as they chase after every single woman in Chicago.

10. Bridge Night with the Girls

Very controversial show where women discuss their most intimate thoughts while playing a friendly game of bridge.