10 Terrible Valentine Sentiments

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13th Jan 2008

  1. I love you valentine so very much. Next time we go out for dinner, let’s make it dutch.
  2. Oh valentine you are so sweet. I love you even if you’re missing your two front teeth.
  3. You are my dear valentine. I love how your bald spot glistens in the sun.
  4. Sweet valentine you are the one for me. Let’s go to the movies. I can get you in for free.
  5. Dear valentine I love you, my sweet darling Meg. Don’t you think that it’s about time that you decided to shave your legs?
  6. Dear valentine you’ve made me happy. You’ve given me a brand new life. The sex that we have together is better than with my wife.
  7. There was a time dear valentine that you swept me off my feet. Today you sit and watch TV just like a hunk of meat.
  8. I would love to kiss you sweet valentine, but I’m afraid that our braces would be stuck together
  9. You arouse a special passion in me valentine. I would love to see you boil in hell for dating my best friend Sue.
  10. You have muscles, a great body, and good looks dear valentine. If only the Wizard had given you a brain.
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