10 Things That are Irritating About People

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19th Feb 2008

We all live in a world of annoyance and agitation. Here are 10 things that get me really irritated with people in general:

  1. When people point at their wrists when they want to know the time. Dude, I know where my watch is, where’s yours at buddy? What’s next, you going to point to your stomach to ask where the nearest buffet is?
  2. People who relentlessly go around searching for a TV remote just to turn it on. Seriously, if your up already, just take a few extra steps and turn on the TV manually; it is not that hard.
  3. When people ask you, “Can I ask you a question?” Well, you just asked me one right there
  4. When people say, “It’s always in the last place you look.” No kidding. If it wasn’t the last place I would look, then the thing I’m looking for would be found already now wouldn’t it?
  5. While watching a film, and hearing someone say, “Did you see that?!” No, I just paid $12 to look at the wall
  6. When something has a sign that says, “New and Improved!” Nothing can be new and improved at the same time. Improved means that something already present was made better. Something new is, well, something totally new.
  7. When people say, “Life is short.” Are you serious? Life is the longest thing you will ever do while you’re alive. If anything else can be longer, fill me in…
  8. When you’re waiting for the bus and someone asks, “Has the bus come yet?” We wouldn’t be having this conversation if the bus did come
  9. In school hallways, when people decide to gather in the middle of a busy hallway and clog it up. Move or I will move you myself!
  10. When someone asks, “Can I borrow a tissue?” You can keep it man, I don’t want it back. The same goes for lead and paper. Just use it, I don’t need it back.

Stay in touch, there will be more as time goes on…

  • Jake marcob

    lol, pretty good article and pretty funny how accurate it is.