10 Things That You Should Never Say to a Killer Mummy

  1. How’s your daddy doing?
  2. I see that you’re all wrapped up in your work. I’ll talk to you another time.
  3. Would you like to go to my costume party?
  4. Couldn’t you wear something more colorful? White is so drab
  5. Would you like to see the Wizard? Perhaps he could give you a brain as well as other vital organs
  6. Have you read the best selling novel Mummies for Dummies?
  7. You seem a little tense. Are you all wound up?
  8. Let’s go sightseeing. We can see the Tomb of the Unknown Mummy.
  9. You look hungry. I bet you haven’t had anything good to eat in a thousand years.
  10. It’s your five thousandth birthday. I bought you a wonderful present. The gift is all wrapped up just like you. I hope you like it. I got you a year’s supply of Krazy glue. Now you can keep yourself together at all times.
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