10 Things to Do to Your Friend While They Sleep

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22nd Sep 2012

Shave Their Hair-Just take scissors or a hair buzzer and shave off a little while they sleep. They will probably wake in the middle of it so they will just have a bald patch. If they wake up and figure out what you are doing you may want to run away.

Make Them Put Cream in Their Face-Just put whipped cream or any other cream in their hand, and just tickle their nose or face with a feather, or something that can tickle someone. When they go to itch their face, they will get cream all over their face.

Write Things on Their Head-Write anything you want on their head. The more inappropriate, the funnier it is. It is a good idea to use a washable marker, or a permanent sharpie. Try to write lightly so they don’t wake up.

Put a Banana in Their Mouth-Slide a banana in and out of their mouth. They will hopefully wake up and think that you are putting something else in their mouth. They will freak out, and then they will figure out what it was.

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Antique Them-Take some flour, any kind will do. Take a hand full and throw it on their face. If it gets in their eyes, it won’t do anything harmful.

Give Them a Beef Stew-Put your butt as close to their face as possible and fart. The smellier, the better. Just try to make sure that you are farting and not anything else.

Make Them Pee Them Self-Put their hand in warm water, and try not to wake them up. If that doesn’t work, you can always just put warm water there to make them think that they have wet them self.

Tired and Angry-Just take their alarm clock and set it for really early like 3am. Put it somewhere where they will not find it. Put it behind the TV, couch, under the bed, or any other place where they won’t find it. They will wake up early, and be really tired and annoyed that they can’t find the alarm clock to to turn off.

Make Them Bleed-Just put ketchup on their head or hands and they will think that they are bleeding when they wake up. You can also paint their fingernails red.

Make Them Mad-Just put tacks or anything else that you want them to step on and just put it on the side of their bed. When they wake up they won’t even think to look before they get up. I would recomend not using tacks. I would use something small like legos. I would hurt but it wouldn’t do any damage.