10 Things to Do When You’re Bored

Boredom. A state of mind that can occur so quickly. When you have nothing to do, you’re bored.

These are 10 things you can do when you’re bored out of your skull and want amusement:

1. Spin around in circles

Just stand on the floor, and spin. Around and around, to your amusement. When you feel tired, stop spinning. Your dizziness may take you to another world!

2. Count the number of footsteps it takes from one side of your house to another

It doesn’t even have to be from one side of the house, it could be anything! An area of your backyard, living room, kitchen, even bathroom! Just put one step right in front of the other (so the end of your big toe of one foot touches the heel of another), and at least 20 minutes of your boredom will go away.

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3. Read a paragraph of a book, but read it all in the opposite way.

Even words. Sdrow neve. Take a child’s book, and read the same paragraph again, timing yourself to see how fast you can do it…

4. Balance a lemon/ egg on a spoon.

Something that happens at parties, but why not try it anyway? Have a contest with yourself, check how long you can move around without dropping it.

5. Turn on a ceiling fan, and then watch one blade move when you switch it off.

Apparently, this carries a lot of amusement. Just watch one blade of however many blades there may be when you switch the fan off, until it comes to a stop.

6. Write down the names of a group you may know.

It can be any group: a band, a sports team. It doesn’t even have to be names of people, it can be absolutely anything!

7. Type in the most random websites that come into your head into the address bar.

The title says it all.

8. Have a fantasy of some competition in your mind.

Any competition, a baseball game, a dance off, even a Pokemon battle! Try to have ‘competitions’ with these fantasies, they’ll extend the amusement..

9. Light as many matchsticks as you can in a minute.

Have a contest with yourself, or anyone else, lighting as many matchsticks you can in one minute.

10. Write a blog about what to do when you’re bored.

That’s right, I am very bored. :)

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