10 Things We Love to Hate

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25th Feb 2011

1. The idiot in the row in front of you that thinks it’s amusing to rustle sweet wrappers through the entire film!

2. The drivers on a rainy day that deliberately drive through a puddle to soak pedestrians.

3. Opening the chocolate box to find someone’s eaten all the good ones.

4. That irritating kid down the road that knocks your door then runs away.

5. The cold calling companies that phone you in the middle of you eating to sell you double glazing.

6. Politicians who tell you how much their going to do to help you right up to the point they’re elected.

7. Justin Bieber.

8. Prima Donnas who make ridiculous demands for their dressing rooms when on tour.

Rarely a week goes by without some new gossip emerging from those people collectively known as “sources close to the star” about outrageous behaviour, tantrums and unreasonable demands

9. Car Mechanics who’s prices seem to be adjusted depending on your gender, amount of flesh revealed(Women), which team you support(Men), and whether you’re paying by cash or card.

10. The price of petrol.

  • quiet voice

    Here, here!

  • Val Mills

    I can relate to many of these. But hey, I may be of the older generation, but Justin Bieber is okay :-) Kids need someone to relate to.


    good one so true

  • lolontka

    The rustling paper in the cinema reallt gets my goat! Mind you, I have been known to do it myself and felt very guilty. Good list!

  • pocketsofchange

    Good list, though I know of some pre-teen girls that would disagree with you about #7.

  • Launie and Melynda Sorrels

    Nice article, thanks.

  • CletaB

    Good ones!

  • Xakousti

    yes yes, the chocolate box one,, thats funny!

  • youthinksokiddo

    i can identify with this, the car shop i go to definitely does charge me more, thinking i’ll be fooled

  • MaxBuceo

    Nice share. I like this post

  • alvinwriter

    You’re correct!