10 Things You Should Do to Annoy People

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28th Jul 2010

1. Hoard the keys to the cars and hide them and wait till people get angry.

2. Fill balloons with water or make Origami Water Bombs (You will find guides on youtube) and throw them from the roof on unsuspecting people.

3. Take your relative’s i Device (best if iphone) and set a wallpaper like a broken screen one etc.

4. Make a bat. notepad virus (search it on google) and save it on your relative’s computer.

5. In Microsoft Word, configure the AutoCorrect settings so that every time your victim types his/her name it is replaced by the word stupid or ugly.

6. Make your victim think their computer is over stuck or is malfunctioning by going to the mouse options in the Control Panel and clicking the mouse trail and make the mouse sensitivity and speed very low.

7. Or you could invert the mouse options so it goes opposite.

8. Lock in a relative in a room from outside.

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9. Switch the sugar in the sugar jar with salt and vice versa with the salt jar.

10. Share Yours! Type in your pranks and tricks in the comments section!

  • Fallenseer

    Make someones screen saver on his computer a broken screen. and unplug his mouse and keyboard.

  • C Luina

    on a slippery floor in front of a door place a slippery substance on the floor and door knobb they may need to be different. When they slip the person is expecting to be saved by the knobb but low a behold that too is slippery.

    empty a cigg put some tabaco back in then firecracker powder and fill the rest with more tabaco. The cigg goes super fast

    You know what I’m going to make my own list I got a ton of these.

    I can’t wait to try your suggestions.