10 Things You’ll Never Hear an English Soccer Fan Say

  1. “I just hope the FA come to their senses and give Steve McLaren another go at the manager’s job.”.
  2. “Scott Carson is the future of England goalkeeping.”.
  3. “What a fantastic passing move that was.”.
  4. “This team is just so exciting to watch.”.
  5. “With that effort, pride, and ability, don’t those lads make you feel proud to be English?”
  6. “I think these star players should get paid a lot more than they do.”.
  7. “I am so glad I spent £75 on that ticket. It was worth every penny.”.
  8. “When they put on that shirt, they become like lions.”.
  9. “With so many world class players, it must be really difficult to select only eleven of them.”.
  10. “I think we’ve got half a chance of winning Euro 2008.”
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