10 Tips to Make Girl Fall for you

Below find some useful tips that will make a girl fall in love with you.

1. Look good; make sure that your appearance is pleasing. Most of girls love good looking guys, ensure that you maintain your hair, brush your teeth, wear nice fashionable clothes, take a shower regularly and above all apply some nice smelling perfume.

2. Smile– give the girl a nice smile, look at the girl with that look in your eyes that says am a friendly person. Never exaggerate your smile; you will ruin your chances of winning the girl. Shake the girls hand in a nice way, pop a question like how are you doing, if you are attend the lion king show, ask her question related to the show, this will be a great pick up line. During the dialogue, make sure you spice up the talk and tell her sweet thing like, wow! You are the best! Once you have started the conversation, it will be easy to ask the girl’s phone number and give her a date after the first encounter.

3. Flirt – Make use of nice words, women like to be complimented. Tell the girls you look beautiful, I like you hairstyle among other sweet nothings and the girl will definitely like you. However choose your words carefully and don’t over exaggerate, the girl might be pissed off. The lion king show is a perfect environment to flirt with a girl.

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4. Relax and be confident, when talking to the girl, you should never be nervous or shy. Feel free and relaxed, self-confidence will easily make a girl fall for you.

5. Be social and friendly, any girl would like to have a cool man with nice friends as well as a friendly person to her very own buddies.

6. Engage her in a friendly conversation, talk and listen, tell her about your hobbies, ensure that you engage in positive issues. Girls love guys who are positive in life. After all who wants to listen to your negative issues on the first encounter!

7. Touch her carefully, in a nice way, hold her hand, offer a handshake or some other appropriate touch. Never touch her in places she will feel awkward or embarrassed.

8. Have fun, if it’s your first encounter, especially in the king’s show, have fun. Tell her interesting things that will make her laugh, ask her about her favourite hobbies, movies among other things. In simple terms create an atmosphere full of fun.

9. Spend some quality time with her, identify the hobbies you have in common and suggest if you can meet in such events, if you are attending a show or a movie, and ask her if she would be willing to attend the next show or movie with you. That way you create a bond.

10. Make use of sign language, let your body communicate to the girl that you would like to chat with her. Don’t flown or look angry while approaching a girl. Your eyes should display a relaxed gentleman, and your shoulders should be put in a position that displays confidence.

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