10 Types of People I Hate Most

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11th Apr 2010

Well, I am not going to tell that I am perfect but everybody sure does have nasty experiences with this type of people.  I can only list out ten types of people that I do not like and maybe you want to share with me about others.

1.  Not punctual.  This is the most annoying  type of people that I have encounter.  The excuse, ‘I am on my way’ means she or he still not leaving. Believe me.

2.  Talk big.  I cannot stand this type of people.  I know you are rich but it does not mean you can brag about it to other people especially to less fortunate one.  But most of the time this people does not have anything. They only talk big to cover up their weakness.

3.  Women beater.  Maybe this guy also being abused when he was a kid but it does not mean you can show your temper to a woman.  If you are really strong then try your luck in the boxing championship.

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4.  Hypocrites.  They talk something nice at you then say something else behind your back. 

5.  Using foul language. It is very embarrassing to have this type of person around you especially when we have kids around.

6.  Indiscipline type of person.  This person will drive you crazy with their lack of attitude.  They will not follow any rules and they can give you a headache.

7.  Arrogant.  Do not try to give any advice to this people. They will not listen anyway.  Do not waste your time.

8.  Do not bother about their cleanliness. 

9.  Selfish people.  Most of them will only think about themself.  They do not care aout others.

10.  Always look down on other people.

  • Jimmy Shilaho

    We all hate such people but we also bear some of the traits you mentioned only that others point them out.

  • Shah

    we all hv weaknesses. That what makes us human (just saying)

  • The Sassy Single Chick

    I totally agree with you there! I hate these kind of people too but on the lighter side of things they teach me patience and self control. Although at times it’s really irritating to the point of annoyance I learn to calm down and shut my mouth when I have no positive thing to say. For someone who is always tardy either I tell them I’m no longer in the mood it’s better we cancel the meeting and set it up when she or he is sure to come on time. Well this is one way of not being able to rant on the person when I am super duper annoyed! Making other people wait more than 30 mins is actually a deal breaker for me and I think it’s downright rude.

  • Nehemia

    I concur

  • luxonalex

    agree, there may be more..

  • Foody

    I really agree with you. Thanks for good work. Keep up great work.

  • Daveshu4

    I fully agree with you about these 10 types of people. I especially hate the not punctual person. Is it that hard to be somewhere you are suppose to be on time and to call and lie to the person where you are. If its that hard just start getting ready earlier.

  • Netty net

    Your right, I also hate people who shove their life style down other people throats, by their actions.