10 Ways to Act Like a Lunatic Without Being One

The best medicine is laughter, so laugh away and maybe even use a few!

1. While talking on the phone, scream suddenly and then say that the sky is falling.

2. While ordering at a drive through, ask for Diet Water, without laughing.

3. Answer “Yes” and “No” to non “Yes” and “No” questions.

4. While eating french fries, stick them up your nose and blow them out on someone.

5. When talking to a friend, suddenly start shaking like you are freezing and tell your friend you are cold, but when it’s summer.

6. For those of you that are still in school, answer “Beans” to a math problem.

7. When being asked for your name, answer that it is “Gossenhoffendorfendahl”. Unless that is actually you’re name. When in such a problem, answer that you’re name is “Nobody”.

8. When being asked about you’re hobbies, say that you don’t do anything in your free time except play Runescape on the computer.

9. While at McDonalds, ask if they carry Vodka.

10. When at a home-improvement or DIY store, ask the store clerk if they carry AK-47s or other firearms.

Hope you enjoyed this little guide!

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