10 Ways to Annoy People at Walmart

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27th Jul 2010

When we get tired from daily regular routine work, we sometimes want to do some stupid things. Annoy people is the best fun that people adopt at various places to kick out their tiredness and refresh their minds. At most shopping malls we noticed little kids doing some crazy things, infect they were annoying people in respond to their frustration on their moms or fathers. You may read 100 or 101 ways of annoying people at various places like Walmart. Let me give you 10 brand new tips that how can you annoy people at Walmart or any other shopping center.


1)      Pick a toy in your hand start laughing loudly then suddenly break your laughing and start doing normal things.

2)      Sit down on the floor, took off your shoes and start Yoga.

3)      Pick you cell phone and start talking loudly in unknowing language like (Shod moue pick trick won fest) etc.

4)       Start gazing unknown people and move with them with a continue gaze.

5)      Start replacing one item with other items or products.

6)      Shout loudly, I am the biggest fool on the planet earth from the year 1857.

7)      Go to counter and ask them where you hide my wife loudly.

8)      Stand at the front door of Walmart and welcome every customer with .

9)      Through a tomato ketchup paste on your shirt and start shouting I got fire on me please call the ambulance.

10)  Start jumping like kangaroo here and there and barking like dogs :-)

  • drishti8

    Very interesting piece to share.

  • sasuke191

    Haha!!… Fun stuff to do!!.. LOl!!.. &&&&

  • Emmie

    Again a good post. They are funny… if not slightly crazy. lol


  • giftarist

    Ha ha. Nice suggestions here.

  • PSingh90

    cool post…..i like it.

  • drelayaraja

    Really an interesting share :)

  • Starpisces

    haha, you and your ideas… very interesting… I think just any one, I will be caught by the security guard, and if more, maybe by the police.

  • Ruby Hawk

    I don’t get it. Why would you want people to think you were crazy?

  • Goodluck123

    Thank you Dr and P Singh

  • Goodluck123

    May you are right Starpisces
    So try it at your on risk :-)


    And why would anyone want to annoy people?

  • Anuradha Ramkumar

    hmm…i wouldn’t want to annoy anyone.

  • Ruby Hawk

    I did read it but I don’t get the point in annoying people. People are annoyed enough. I know you mean in fun.

  • Goodluck123

    Ok as you wish :-)

  • Goodluck123

    Yes right

  • Goodluck123

    Thank you drishti, sasuke and Emmie

  • Goodluck123

    Ruby please read the first paragraph, hope you get the point

  • Judy Sheldon

    It is quite enough to imagine these actions. The images make me laugh. I certainly would not want to do them and I am sure that was not you intention. If so, would you bail us out? :-)

  • Goodluck123

    lol, sure Judy you have a will, you have a way!