10 Ways to Annoy People in Golf

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6th Apr 2009

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  1. Bring a air horn and use when they are about to hit it.
  2. Casually steal there covers for there clubs.
  3. Manipulate the score card to your advantage.
  4. Steal their golf balls.
  5. Throw their golf balls in the water if there is water.
  6. Sing when there are trying to concentrate.
  7. Ride the flag when they are putting.
  8. Deny that the ball went in and get into a argument.
  9. Take a nap in front of the hole.
  10. If you’re using a golf buggy, drive recklessly.
  11. I ope you enjoy trying these out.

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  • George W Whitehead

    Where ya been denus? Great tips!

  • Eunice Tan

    What a joyous article!

  • JK Kristie

    Enjoyable read.

  • Betty Carew

    Thank goodness I don’t play golf denus this sounds unnerving just reading it lol excellent article

  • Lauren Axelrod

    This was so Happy Gilmore!lol

  • C. S. Robins

    Funny..even funnier to see someone do that one day.

  • nutuba

    Brilliant! My grandfather used to carry a bag of white cotton balls with him on the golf course, and as he’d walk the fairway he would throw out a cotton bowl here and there. From a distance it looks like a golf ball. :-)

  • Jake O

    LoL, good stuff here. I am a big golfer and I would never do any of these things. I know proper etiquette but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to do them sometimes. Great article.

  • Yovita Siswati

    Hillarious! Thanks for making me smile in this busy afternoon!

  • Luffy12

    what a trick

  • Kate Smedley

    These would all be so funny, I’d love to try it at my local golf club …

  • Darla Smith

    Great article and very funny. I really enjoyed reading it.

  • Sharazad Moore

    I got another one: have a barbecue on the green.(it is called a green, right?I’m athletically challenged)

  • Radhika

    Wow!!! they are great tricks

  • Juhls

    Hehe. It’s nice to have a good laugh. Thanks!

  • rutherfranc

    12. Avoid the golfer`s swing at you when above tips are effective..

  • Alina Beck

    Funny :-) Sounds like you’d be a menace on the golf course!

  • Bo Jack Russo

    That was funny Dean,I’m going to go see the tennis one

  • Tusaani

    Haha, golf usually isn’t my thing but I’m sure some of these will spice things up :)

  • Pete Macinta

    Now, now, :-)

  • Joni Keith

    Don’t tell me that you’ve tried all of these personally. You always bring a smile. I’ve been gone for awhile. How ya been?

  • numismatic

    I find Golf a old mans sport but I am a Tiger Woods fan.