10 Ways to Annoy People on a Plane

Published by in Humor
18th Jul 2010
  1. If you fly coach constantly ask people in first class to swap seats with you.
  2. Talk to yourself.
  3. Demand Dora for the in flight movie.
  4. If you are 10 and under ask for an alcoholic beverage and throw a temper-tantrum when they say no.
  5. Go into the bathroom and make rude bowel noises. Walk out and look refreshed.
  6. Whether you can sing or not start singing a Weird Al song.
  7. Ask random people if they will change you.
  8. Walk into first class fart then go back to your seat.
  9. Start asking people for lotion.
  10. Start an art craft project in the middle of the walkway.