10 Ways to Annoy Your Parents

Published by in Humor
14th Jul 2010

1.    Talk while they are watching TV.
2.    Put holes in the wall.
3.    Start a fire and say your dog told you to do it.
4.    Change the subject often.
5.    When in a crowd yell “No Mom/Dad I will not make out with you.”
6.    Tap on their door while they are trying to sleep.
7.    Put gum on the bottom of tables in your house.
8.    Listen to your music with the volume all the way up.
9.    Tell them that wearing clothes is against your religion.
10.    Change the channel when they get up to go to the bathroom.

That’s it 10 ways to annoy your parents. If none of them work on your parents give them a prize and a round of applause for being good sports.