10 Ways to Avoid Being Busted

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9th Jul 2010

10 ways to avoid being busted:

1. Watch your step – look for an outcome or possible results before doing your moves.

2. Confident – You must know who you are, and always have high confident, ( You always have 10 steps ahead with other)

3. Study the the target – before approaching the target, study the pros and cons of that person. ( Is he/she barking or not)

4. Damaged control –  mistakes is inexcusable, once you made that’s it. ( You must know how to control once you got got mistakes, its like “correcting errors” in making articles.)

5. Positive outlook – just open you mind, always be positive. ( it can affect your confident, once you have it you can boost your confident to highest level)

6. Look professional – even if not, just pretending to be one . .heads up, wear your best clothes and be look formal. ( people are always looking at physical assets, once you look professional they have a high respect at you.)

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7. Accept reality – if you feel you don’t have the 1 – 6 ways, just be cool and set down, ( better play your game boy or break game)

8. Be Humorous – Even people don’t like you, but they will like your jokes, that’s the reality. ( be a joker sometimes)

9. Go with the flow – you must know the interest of others, then go for it! ( Thou shall not contradict their likes and interest)

10. __________ – If you have any ways that is not stated from 1 – 9, that’s the number 10 and so on.

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