10 Ways to Get Rid of Telemarketers

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13th Oct 2010



I share some Tips below through some research, on how to get Telemarketers off the Phone.


1)    Keep it simple by saying “No thanks. Have a good day.”


2)    Repeated Phrases – Repeat everything they say back to them. Eventually, they would close the conversation.


3)    Ask to be taken off their Calling list.


4)    Speak to them in another language. German, Spanish, Japanese or just make up your own language.


5)    Change the conversation. Ask them if they know Jesus or some other thing which is nothing to do with the call.


6)    Ask them for their number and tell them you will call them back.

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7)    Call Screening. Get a caller display service on your phone. That way, when the phone rings, you don’t have to take the call, if you don’t recognise the number.


8)    If you have kids, give the phone to your toddler to speak baby language to them. They will hang up eventually or your toddler might innocently hang up on them.


9)    Try selling something to them too. Maybe ask it they would like to buy an item of furniture or something that you no longer need.


10) Write a letter to the Telemarketing company requesting that they stop all communications to you via phone or correspondence and if they do, they will be in trouble legally.

Feel free to share any more useful tips in the Comments Box below.

  • Jerry Atrixx

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha! I am a sales person, but telemarketers give legitimate sales and business a bad name.

    The problem is they are incredulous and opportunistic. Completely ignorant of business etiquette and proper professionalism and consideration. You offered some great things to do to rid oneself of these pest.

    You also hit on something that is important to consider: Many fo the ones calling simply do as they are told and are only trying to make a living. If they call at a reasonable time and they show proper manners and professionalism, afford them a moment to at least explain the nature of their call before wasting their time.

    It’s the owners of these companies that are the real miscreants; not the employees.

  • Mr Ghaz

    Cool post as always! very interesting and well written article. Thanks for sharing this useful tips . cheers :)

  • GodsGrace

    Good Post

  • Onkar Singh

    Thanks for share.

  • sapphirelaws

    LOL! :-)
    I like your sense of humour.