10 Ways to Tell It’s Spring in Bryant Center, Maine

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21st Mar 2011

The video shows melting snow and ice run-off in a small brook. It’s a great sight and a blissful sound. It’s the sun that makes it happen and you know that winter’s heart is broken. Today, at the lake, I watched men haul their ice-fishing shacks to shore while the ice crackled a warning. Spring! But there are other signs that in my town of Bryant Center, Maine tell me it’s spring. Here are ten:

1. Sam Ojala is worried about his wife putting on 20 pounds over the winter. He’s concerned about the “wife-carrying” event at the Finnish Fest held every summer in July.

2. The Bailey boys have finally been convinced to take their sap buckets off the telephone poles.

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3. During spring cleaning, Mrs. Tupper found a wishbone from Christmas dinner (she thinks). She also found her grandfather’s uppers and what looks like a Viagra pill. Her husband Frank says no; he’s just beginning to realize how much he loves her.

4. Folks are putting their snowmobiles out on the lawn with a sign that reads: Will swap for boat and motor.

5. Harry Carver and his wife, Lois, went out this weekend snowmobiling and a fine dinner at Burger King. It’s his way to apologize for all the fights that happened during cabin fever season.

6. Old Charlie passed away over the winter. He was Indian or Native American, if you prefer,  and was always accurate in predicting the upcoming winter weather. On his death bed, he gave up his secret. He said he always went by the size of the white mans’ woodpile.

7. One local TV weather guy is taking no chances. Even though it’s spring, he confessed to buying one more “StormCenter” sweater.

8. Some say the snow was so deep last winter, the snow fleas were wearing parachutes. There hasn’t been a snow flea in sight for a week.

9. The last place the snow finally leaves is on Burt Blackstone’s farm. Some believe, in some spots, it never really goes. Burt went out yesterday and found those shady spots where snow hides. He shoveled the whole day. He uncovered a lawn mower, a chainsaw, and a ‘39 Hudson his father bought in ‘69.

10.Mrs. Lane got all excited yesterday. Did she see a robin? Nope! She saw a flea jumping off her dog, Buster’s,  back.

Is it really spring? according to what’s going on in town, I’d say yes but the weather forecast for Monday is SNOW!


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