10 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About Adolf Hitler

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22nd May 2012

He was phenomenal, perhaps a little misunderstood or maybe the worst freak to have walked the face of the earth. Here are ten little known facts about Adolf Hitler, straight from his medical records, just when you thought such records should be kept confidential. Look at these:

  1. Adolf Hitler often inhaled cocaine to clear his sinuses and soothe his throat, perhaps the source of his crazy experiments on Jews and blacks.
  2. Adolf Hitler had a bad case of flatulence that often made him fart uncontrollably leading to constant abuse of anti-gas drugs based on strychnine which caused him liver and stomach problems.
  3. Adolf Hitler, unlike most powerful men, was less inclined to sexual activity and often slept in different bedrooms,
  4. Adolf Hitler often received shots of seminal extracts from young bulls in order to boost his libido.
  5. Adolf Hitler was a cryptochird, you know what I mean, the old boy had one descended testicle instead of two.
  6. Adolf Hitler was actually democratically elected German Chancellor, in line with the German constitution of the time, something akin to Chancellor Angela Merkel, the most powerful woman in the world!
  7. Despite being credited for the Nazi holocaust, Adolf Hitler never killed anybody in his long reign as the fuehrer!
  8. Were it not for the winter in Moscow, the combined Allied army would have been overrun by Hitler’s forces. He actually lost the war to the winter and not to the Allied forces led by the Russians.
  9. Adolf Hitler was a Christian, in fact a catholic, even though he ceased practicing Catholicism later in his adulthood.
  10. Adolf Hitler was an accomplished artist; a cartoonist in particular and even contributed artwork for a military newspaper. Wow.

  • papaleng

    Really weird facts from a very weird man..LOL

  • momofplenty

    Very intersting…

  • lene21

    Haha :) good read jimmy.

  • Lady Aiyanna (Anisha Achankunju)

    Hitler was an illegitimate child who carried his mothers’ family name and cut the lines of his hands because an astrologer told him that he was a menace to society based on the lines on hand. He came back with bleeding palms and said, from today I make my own lines.

    He had one woman Eva Peron whom he loved but did have herpes from multiple partners. Eva was found dead in the same bunker as he although conspiracy theorists refute the claims stating they hid away and they were human likeness who were found dead wherein Hitler had a bullet through his head.

    He had respect for just one Jew who gave him shelter and his state of joblessness led to this acute hatred towards the Jewish people because they took away jobs from people like him. He wanted to be an architect but became a military leader instead.

    Loved to listen to Richard Wagner and the music is usually called antisemitic because of this but yet is used in Christian Nuptials.

    Sleeping in multiple rooms is not weird but a thing of caution and safety as a person of his stature and calibre would have had several enemies who wanted to kill him and there were attempts on his life too.

    If you read Maine Kamph and The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich you would see that Hitler was actually a genius with his wirings gotten wrong due to extreme hate towards the Jewish population. If someone were to sit with him and understand him, people would have probably seen his genius mind being put into good use that would have been beneficial to today’s world.

    He is a Genius of an orator who knew how to captivate people with his speeches and tones and keep them spellbound and still with his voice.

    Personally, I love the good qualities of Hitler and felt that the world treated him wrong and he did go about the whole concept of taking over the world irrationally.

    That said Napoleon also went into the Russian winter and lost the battle and retreated just like Hitler. He was killed by paint on walls which were tainted.

    The one who killed people was Adolf Eichmann who headed the military operation that slaughtered six million Jews. In gas chambers, fed them to dogs, madd graves, the endless mile etc. Hitler only got the reports but had no idea what was happening till much later.

  • Jimmy Shilaho

    Thank you papa.

  • 8Shei8

    Rather interesting facts. Perhaps the drugs explained his delusional, erratic mind.

  • rajaryanme

    Perhaps the drugs explained his delusional, erratic mind.